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Switching to a built-in refrigerator from Amica will blend seamlessly into any décor and open up plenty of kitchen space. Antibacterial wall lining helps to preserve food’s taste, smell and nutritional value, frost-free technology keeps the inner temperature stable, and when your integrated refrigerator yields huge savings on your bills thanks to its A++ energy-efficiency rating, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner.

Intelligent solutions

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  • A++ energy class

    Your Amica refrigerator’s quick-cooling function cools or freezes large quantities of products quickly – perfect for hot summer days.

  • More efficient use of space

    Our integrated refrigerators are designed to make better use of their interior, allowing you to store more food without compromising on valuable kitchen space.

  • Anti-bacteria system

    The inner walls of our integrated refrigerators are coated with an antibacterial substance which helps prolong food life and prevent mould growth.

  • Reversible doors

    Easy-to-reverse doors give you the flexibility to have your fridge anywhere in your kitchen.

  • No Frost

    Our air circulation technology provides a stable, optimal temperature whilst removing excess humidity, meaning frost accumulation in your fridge never becomes a problem.

  • Wine Rack

    Your refrigerator’s wine rack allows for ample storage of wine or other large bottles without sacrificing the space you need for your weekly shop.


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