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An Amica oven is sure to transform your cooking experience. Simply select a recipe or programme from the interactive cookbook using the intuitive touch screen and let the oven do the rest. ProCook baking trays prevent food stickage, while telescopic guides let you remove dishes without having to reach into the oven. Once cooking is complete, use the pyrolytic cleaning feature to keep the interior sparkling.

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Intelligent solutions

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  • Interactive touch screen

    Our ovens’ intuitive touchscreen displays make it easy to initiate different cooking programmes, read recipes and change settings.


    Shelves full of heavy cookbooks are a thing of the past with the integrated multimedia touchscreen cookbook offered by our platinum range of ovens.


    Enjoy your holiday snaps while cooking with our ovens’ USB-connected digital slide show.


    The most efficient method of oven cleaning on the market. The oven is heated to 490°c, which breaks down and removes stubborn food, grease and spillages.


    Telescopic guides allow you to easily and safely remove dishes without having to reach into a hot oven.

  • Preset programmes

    The preset programmes feature allows you to create and save cook settings for frequently-cooked or favourite dishes, saving you time.

  • Aqualytic cleaning

    Simply pour half a litre of water into the base of your Amica oven, select the ‘cleaning’ function and let the oven do the rest.

  • Procook baking trays

    All Amica ovens come with our hexagonally-embossed baking trays, which provide tray rigidity and drain oils and fats from your food for a healthier, leaner meal.

  • Illuminated retractable control knobs

    Amica ovens’ control knobs are designed for ease of use and illuminated for a smooth, slick look with added visibility.

  • I-light

    Dual lighting inside your Amica oven chamber will allow you to clearly see how your dishes are progressing.

  • Cool to touch

    Amica ovens’ triple-glazed glass and special cooling system ensures the oven door remains cool during cooking – a fantastic safety feature, particularly for those with children.

  • Rotisserie

    Use your Amica oven’s rotisserie function to cook delicious, succulent, crispy roast chicken or pork.

  • Quick heating

    Amica ovens reach 150°c in just four minutes – 20% faster than industry standards.

  • XXL Capacity

    Amica ovens boast a capacity of up to a market-leading 66 litres, providing ample space to cook all kinds of dishes.

  • Energy Class A

    An energy rating of A ensures your Amica oven uses less electricity and saves you money on your energy bills.


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