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With an Amica integrated dishwasher, you’ll be able to programme a delayed start to your wash – and using the Express 60 programme, a full cycle takes just 60 minutes. Low noise levels mean you can unwind while your dishwasher is running, and the A++ energy rating shared by all our dishwashers means less money on your energy bills and more in your pocket – helping you to relax even more.

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Intelligent solutions

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  • Silent Operating

    The technology used in building our integrated dishwashers means they operate extremely quietly.

  • A++ energy class

    Amica freestanding dishwashers have the highest energy-efficiency rating available, A++. This means lower energy consumption and greater savings on your bills.

  • Delayed start

    Pre-programme the start of your dishwasher cycle to suit your schedule.

  • Express 60 programme

    Our Express 60 programme is perfect when time is precious. Dishes are pre-washed, rinsed and dried at 60°c in just 60 minutes.


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