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Amica freestanding cookers have been designed to keep cooking a pleasure, not a chore. From our ProCook non-stick baking trays to a 66l capacity allowing you to comfortably entertain, the array of features means that once you’ve switched to an Amica cooker, you’ll wonder how you cooked without it. Throw in savings on bills generated by our cookers’ A energy rating, and you’ve a recipe for success.

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Intelligent solutions

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  • energy class A

    All Amica freestanding cookers have an energy rating of A – meaning lower consumption of electricity and genuine savings on your energy bills.

  • XXL capacity

    Up to a market-leading 66 litre capacity provides ample cooking space, allows flexibility and is ideal for entertaining and preparing big meals.


    Our freestanding cookers’ grates are stable, durable and easy to clean.

  • Quick Heating

    Your Amica oven can reach 150°c in just four minutes – 20% faster than standard.

  • Auto ignition

    Your cooker’s gas hob automatically ignites when the control knob is turned.

  • Flame failure safety valves

    If the flame is accidentally extinguished, your cooker’s gas supply is automatically cut off.


    Our ceramic cooker hobs only use ultra-high-quality Schott glass, ensuring durability and efficiency.


    All of our cookers’ glass covers use high-quality, ultra-resistant glass, ensuring safety and comfort of usage.

  • Procook baking trays

    Our innovative hexagonal baking trays make the accumulation of stubborn food and grease a thing of the past, draining excess oils and fats for a healthier meal.


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