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Our freestanding refrigerators are designed to eliminate the problems many fridges have: an anti-bacterial wall lining prevents odour buildup and keeps food fresh, and the low hum which emanates from most fridges is no more. Circulation technology provides a stable temperature, eliminating frost buildup, and reversible doors give the flexibility to change your kitchen layout.

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Intelligent solutions

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  • A++ energy class

    All Amica refrigerators and freezers come with the A++ energy classification, meaning lower energy consumption and lower energy bills all year round.

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting inside your refrigerator provides brighter light while using less electricity, which is better for the environment and leaves more money in your pocket.

  • No Frost

    Amica fridges’ cool air circulation system provides a stable, optimal temperature while removing excess humidity, ensuring frost accumulation never becomes a problem.

  • Reversible doors

    All Amica fridges and freezers are fitted with easy-to-reverse doors, giving you the flexibility to change your kitchen layout as you wish.

  • Anti-bacteria system

    The inner walls of Amica freestanding refrigerators are coated with an antibacterial material which helps to prolong the life of fresh and frozen food, keeping your fridge looking and smelling fresh.

  • Silent Operating

    The familiar low hum generated from your refrigerator is a thing of the past – all Amica cooling appliances operate with a low noise level.

  • Super freezing

    Your Amica refrigerator’s quick-cooling function cools or freezes large quantities of products quickly – perfect for hot summer days.


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