Ceramic Cooker Hobs – Intelligent Solutions

Smart, convenient and efficient – just three words to describe the Amica range of ceramic hobs. Meal preparation becomes easier when using a ceramic cooker hob from Amica, with features such as auto-heat reduction function allowing you to set the hob temperature to change after a certain amount of time – perfect for when you need to cook a dish then leave it to simmer.

Intelligent solutions

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  • Slider control

    Change the temperature by simply sliding your finger across the smooth slider hob controls.

  • Booster function

    Your specified cooking area will heat up 30% quicker than is standard, saving valuable time.

  • Timer

    This function allows you to set the cooking time for each individual part of your hob, making preparing multiple dishes easier than ever.

  • Safety function

    Use your Amica ceramic cooker hob’s lock function to prevent children from operating the unit when it isn’t in use.

  • Keep-warm function

    Three levels of heat (42°c, 74°c, 94°c) ensure pre-prepared dishes remain at a constant temperature.

  • Auto heat reduction function

    Set your hob temperature to lower after a set period of time – perfect for dishes which need to simmer at a low heat after cooking, for melting chocolate or for preparing delicate sauces.


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