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Freestanding Microwaves

A freestanding microwave is free to be moved about the kitchen and free to cook or defrost whenever you need it to. This practical compact appliance is so easy to use that it is a valuable addition to any kitchen. Giving you extra cooking when you need it or simply defrosting chicken quickly when you forget to leave it out of the freezer, you’ll be glad that you have such a versatile appliance to hand.

AMM20M70VP Freestanding microwave

AMM20M70VP Freestanding microwave

The AMM20M70VP is a freestanding microwave in white. The appliance has features that include: auto defrost, a minute minder, 5 power levels, quick start, acoustic end signal, safety key lock and a stainless steel interior. The AMM20M70VP also has 700W maximum power level and rear light.