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Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions

Your Amica product is covered by guarantee for 24 months from the date of the original purchase. Please ensure you register your product and keep your receipt (proof of purchase) and serial number in a safe place. You may register your Amica product either online at or by calling 01949 862 012 (UK), or online at (Ireland) or, from Ireland only, by calling 1-800-535556.

Should you discover a fault with your Amica appliance, no problem. Request a repair under the warranty by filling in the form on our contact us page, call us on 01949 862 012 or email us at We’ll send one of our expert technicians to repair your appliance, free of charge.

Warranty Cover
No call out charges 2 years
Included parts (to be fitted by an Amica approved engineer) 2 years
Included labour 2 years
Technical support 2 years
A replacement product if we cannot repair yours 2 years

Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions

Your new Amica product is guaranteed against electrical and mechanical faults arising from defective materials or components, or a manufacturing defect. The warranty starts from the date of original purchase of the product for a period of 24 months.

This warranty is in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer and in no way diminishes or seeks to diminish these statutory rights. It is possible that your statutory rights may offer additional or higher levels of protection than those offered under the terms of this warranty in certain circumstances. If you have any questions about these rights, you should contact the retailer from which you purchased the product.

This warranty applies to products in normal domestic use at a residential address. Separate warranties apply for communal living and semi-commercial applications. This warranty does not cover products in commercial use.

Separate warranties also apply for ‘graded’ and ex display appliances.

What is covered by the warranty

  1. Repairs required to the product as a result of manufacturing defects, or defective materials or components.
  2. Functional mechanical/electrical replacement parts necessary to repair a product.
  3. Cost of an Amica approved engineer to carry out the repair.

What is not covered by the warranty

  1. Transit or delivery damage.
  2. Damage caused by adverse weather.
  3. Cosmetic damage such as dents or scratches.
  4. Reversal of doors or door handles.
  5. Repair or replacement of any cosmetic or consumable item such as bulbs, plugs, fuses, cables, filters and attachments, control knobs, flaps, container lids, handles, glass and wire shelves, rubber hoses, plastic door shelves and any accessories for example oven baking trays, grill pans and shelves.
  6. Damage to fragile or glass components such as bulb covers, hob tops and oven door glass.
  7. Any parts which have become worn, discoloured or damaged in use, including damage caused by incorrect use or cleaning.
  8. Faults arising due to inadequate cleaning such as dirt, mould, grease, spillages and odours (e.g. blocked gas jets), or due to the effects of limescale.
  9. Blockage to pump or filter in washing machines or dishwashers.
  10. Scratches and chips to hob surfaces caused by inappropriate use of cooking utensils.
  11. Noise, vibration or steam resulting from operation of the appliance. This includes steam from washers, dryers, dishwashers and ovens, and noise from refrigeration compressors, running of oven fans or drain pumps.
  12. When the exchange or replacement of a product will result in an aesthetic mismatch with existing fitted products (for example where existing adjacent products might have non-matching side strips, or different facia spacing, or be a different colour shade), CDA is not responsible for replacing other products that are not defective in order to achieve a visual match, or for any costs associated with achieving an aesthetic match between appliances.
  13. Repairs necessary as a direct or indirect result of:
    1. Accidental damage, misuse or abuse of a product.
    2. An attempted repair or the modification of a product by anyone other than an Amica authorised engineer.
    3. Installation or use of a product where such installation or use fails to meet the requirements specified in this warranty or the instruction manual supplied with the product.
  14. This warranty is limited to the cost of repairing the product. To the extent permitted by law, Amica does not accept and cannot be held liable for any financial loss incurred in connection with the failure of any product. Such financial loss includes but is not limited to loss arising from:
    1. Consequential loss or damage, except where such liability is legally mandatory.
    2. Time taken off work, for example to facilitate an engineer visit.
    3. Meals purchased at restaurants or from takeaways.
    4. Spoiled food, clothing or other items.
    5. Laundry costs.
    6. Compensation for any inconvenience.

General conditions

  1. The warranty period is calculated from the purchase date and not the delivery/installation date.
  2. Proof of date of purchase must be provided to activate the warranty, and before an engineer visit can be authorised.
  3. The product serial number must be provided before an engineer visit can be arranged. This is available on the appliance rating plate.
  4. To qualify for free parts they must be fitted by an Amica appointed engineer.
  5. Repairs will be carried out using original spare parts.
  6. Appliances must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. It is your responsibility to ensure that our engineers can carry out any repairs in a clean and safe environment.
  8. The product must be easily accessible to the engineer without the need to damage, remove or modify any flooring, cabinets or furniture. If the engineer believes that this is not possible, the call will be abandoned, a charge will be made, and arrangements must be made to remove the product to facilitate inspection and repair.
  9. Any attempt to modify or repair an appliance by an unauthorised person will render all warranties invalid.
  10. Amica retains the right to invalidate the warranty in the event of physical or verbal abuse towards any member of staff.
  11. This Amica warranty covers domestic use only. Commercial use is not covered except as described in table 1 below when a different length of warranty will be applicable.
  12. Warranties in whole or part are not transferable except when the proof of initial date of purchase is provided.
  13. The product must be correctly installed, positioned and operated in accordance with the instructions contained in the user manual provided with the product.
  14. This warranty does not apply to products sold as ‘graded’ or ex-display.
  15. Gas appliances must be properly installed by a qualified Gas Safe (RGI in Republic of Ireland) installer. LPG conversions will be covered only if a copy of the necessary certification by a qualified Gas Safe (or RGI in Republic of Ireland) installer is provided at the time of registration or booking of the service call.
  16. We recommend that all electric cooking products, washing machines and dishwashers are installed by a qualified plumber/electrical appliance installer.
  17. The provision of services under the warranty neither extends the term of the warranty nor sets in motion a new warranty period. The warranty period for spare parts fitted in the course of a repair ends with the expiry of the warranty on the appliance as a whole. The warranty remains effective from the date of purchase.
  18. This warranty applies in the UK and ROI only.

When charges may apply

It is your responsibility to provide evidence that your product is covered by this warranty with a proof of purchase. In certain circumstances charges will apply, including:

  1. You cannot provide evidence that your product is covered by this warranty.
  2. Repairs carried out outside of normal engineer working hours.
  3. A failed visit, where the engineer cannot gain access to the appliance to carry out the repair as arranged.
  4. Where a service call has been made and the engineer finds that there is no fault with the product.
  5. The fault is found to be due to incorrect installation.
  6. The fault is found to be due to be user error or failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the user manual.
  7. Fault was caused by something other than faulty materials, defective components or manufacturing defects.
  8. When additional charges are incurred to access the site, such as particular vehicles or additional personnel.
  9. Full payment of any charges due must be made before any repair will be carried out. Amica reserves the right to terminate the warranty if outstanding charges are not paid within 7 days of them being due.

Product exchanges

In some circumstances, Amica will agree to exchange an appliance instead of carrying out or attempting a repair.

  1. Amica reserve the right to repair a product wherever possible.
  2. Amica reserve the right to inspect an appliance before an exchange/replacement will be authorised. This is to determine that the product is faulty and the installation.
  3. Where a replacement is offered, this would normally be an identical model but when this is not possible, an alternative product of a similar specification will be provided.
  4. Unused graded products may be used as the replacement product.
  5. Offers for replacement will be valid for 30 days from the date of the offer being made.
  6. Amica will arrange for the delivery of the new product.
  7. Costs related to disconnecting the faulty product and installing the replacement product, and for disposal of the faulty product are not covered by this warranty.
  8. The warranty of the original product will continue to apply to the replacement product; the new product will not come with a new warranty.

Engineer working hours

  1. Engineer visits are normally arranged between 08:30 and 17:00 Monday to Friday.
  2. Visits outside of these times may be possible by prior agreement and at additional charge, but cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Engineer appointment times are estimated and cannot be guaranteed.
Warranty applicable to appliances fitted in non-domestic locations
  2 years labour,
2 years parts
1 year labour,
1 year parts
Normal domestic sale and use
Rental or service apartment (non-students)  
Students (communal living and non-communal) not new build*  
Students (communal living and non-communal) new build*  
Students (non-communal) one student per kitchen    
Semi-commercial e.g. school domestic science lab  

*Provided the product is registered within 60 days on semi-commercial warranty document (otherwise 1 year parts and 1 year labour apply). E&OE.

This warranty is provided by The CDA Group Ltd, Harby Road, Langar, Nottinghamshire, NG13 9HY.

The CDA Group Ltd (CDA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Amica PLC Group.

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