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Amica – an Ecological Brand

Our major contribution to environmental protection is the manufacture of home and kitchen appliances which are almost exclusively given A, A+ or higher energy efficiency ratings. In our laboratories, our technicians are constantly working on ways to make our range of integrated and freestanding fridges, freezers, ovens, hobs, cookers and more even more efficient – which will not only help the environment, but also save you money on your energy bills. Our factories use the most advanced technologies to ensure their own operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, and can boast of lower water and energy consumption and limitation of waste and sewage

Our Poland headquarters’ proximity to the unique forests of Puszcza Notecka is a constant reminder to the company of the effects of our operations on the natural environment. For many years, we’ve been implementing a pro-ecological policy, which peaked with the introduction of an Environmental Management System based on the ISO14001 standard. Today this constitutes an important element of our integrated management system. The company is a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

Another important aspect of Amica’s activities is general ecological education for our employees, which ensures that our environmental policies are consistently implemented and our planned tasks and targets are achieved.

The consistent implementation of the pro-ecology policy means that Amica is fully in line with all EU environmental legislation. We are selective in our choice of manufacturing materials, which must not contain any harmful substances and can all be recycled or reused. We only purchase manufacturing materials from suppliers who follow similar principles.

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