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Who are Amica?

Want to know “who are Amica?” here’s a quick guide. Amica is an appliance manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in the industry. Our appliances are recognised in over 40 countries for their style and efficiency. We also own Hansa, CDA and Gram brands who also specialise in kitchen appliances.

Where are Amica based?

Our factory employs nearly 2500 people. We produce Amica products in Wronki, Poland, our sales and marketing offices are located in Poznan. The offices are situated at the FC Lech Stadium because we love our sporting heritage. The products are made in Wronki as well as numerous other factories around Europe. These products include fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines and dishwashers.

Amica have transformed from a Polish brand to an international brand, with a portfolio of more than 2000 products on offer. We are humbled to know 50% of Polish homes own an Amica product. We are recognised as the most trusted household appliance brand in Europe, and are certified by the ISO for our quality.

Contribution to sustainability and the community

Not only are we recognised for quality products but have been identified as a business who wants to remain socially responsible. We were recently given the Fair Play award for our efforts int his area. Amica’s values are not just focused on producing high quality appliances, but also ensuring that we give back to the community. We do this by collaborating with universities such as Poznan University of Economics. In addition to this, we created the Amica appliances university that run courses and training programmes aimed at employees.


Our retro refrigeration will help to make a statement in your kitchen with 4 iconic colours to choose from. Allowing your weekly shop to be stored in style. Or why not try our ovens with booster functions for rapid preheat that will cut your cooking time. Amica appliances are for living and to make household jobs a little easier.

Amica offer simple solutions paired with advanced user friendly technology to assist a busy family lifestyle. Purchasing a kitchen appliance from Amica guarantees your appliance is of the best quality, durability and design. Everything we manufacture is energy efficient and safety certified. The appliances are packed full of features and functions to help you in the busiest of times

So now you know “Who are Amica”, the international appliance retailer that you can rely on with innovations, service and reliability. So when your friends see that new fridge, washing machine or cooker and they ask “Who are Amica”, you can let them know.